April 21, 2008

Murder Melts in Your Mouth by Nancy Martin

I love Nancy Martin's Blackbird Sisters mysteries. The Blackbird ladies are a trio of Philadelphia society women who find themselves in a series of and funny and sometimes dangerous situations. The lead sister, Nora, is a reporter and she winds up acting as a detective, too. Murder Melts in Your Mouth is Martin's latest book (isn't that a great title?) and I really liked it.

Nora has to help out her best friend whose business partner has just fallen to his death from his balcony. It turns out that the partner was a crook who was ripping off everyone in town, including Nora's own parents! So she's got a list of suspects as long as her arm. (One of the other Blackbird sisters, Libby, meets a new guy -- the man who ran her over in his car - and the youngest sister is pregnant! There's all kinds of funny stuff going on in this book.)

Murder Melts in Your Mouth is what I've seen called a "chick lit" mystery. I think that means a book that is more about relationships and humor and the how women live their lives (both fun things like shopping and dating and serious things like work and family). It's not a book that is really about a serious mystery or suspense.

I'm not sure I like that term - I'm old enough that I think calling women "chicks" is not very respectful - but I sure did like this book!


Anonymous said...

I, too, enjoy the Blackbird books. I liked this one but felt that Nora's reporting wasn't very realistic.

I once interned at a news station in Davenport, Iowa, and I know the real deal.

Also, the "chick lit" term is one used by those kids today. The same ones that are wearing their pants so low, and driving so fast.

Terry Glass

guyot said...
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