April 2, 2008

Plum Lucky by Janet Evanovich

How can you not love Stephanie Plum and Janet Evanovich? These books were consistently favorites with so many readers at our library and they're favorites of mine as well. They have a little more sex and foul language than most cozies. (I've heard some people call these "medium boiled.") But they're so much fun and do darn funny that I love them anyway.

This is either the second or third of the "Between the Numbers" books in the Stephanie Plum series. These books are a little bit different than the ones with numbers in the title. They all feature Diesel, who is sort of a naughty angel or maybe just a wizard. Anyway he has magic powers, although they don't come in handy most of the time.

In Plum Lucky Grandma Mazur finds a big bag of money (it's St. Paddy's Day!) and that lands her in a whole heap of trouble. Stephanie has to help her out, along with help from her friends Lulu and, of course, Diesel.

All of Janet's books are funny and the ones with Stephanie are my favorites. If you like to laugh, then these books are for you.

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