September 10, 2008

An update

Several people have written to ask when the reviews will return. My husband suffered a minor stroke back at the end of April. Thank God he's much better now. (He's still suffering from some weakness on his left side, but fortunately his speech was unaffected.) I've been having to take care of him, which means I haven't had time for this website. But I hope that soon I can start posting again.

Another thing. Several people have posted foul-mouthed comments on some of the reviews. I don't appreciate that. I understand that they're just trying to be funny in a juvenile way, but it's not appropriate for a website like this one. I don't know how to delete the comments and my daughter can't show me right now. So I'm just going to ask them to please stop.

Thank you.


Verne Thomas said...

I know how to shut those filthy bastards up.

I'll shove my cock in their mouths!

Tex Hungren said...

I say give them the old George Hamilton, Carolyn!

Have em crawl under a glass top coffee table, then you lift yer little house coat and drop a steamer right on top!

Ly Berrian said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Lanny said...

I've got a new rod for your hubby when he's coma free. It'll taste different to those old withered lips of yours. Cum to my web site and order one!

Foster Boxx said...

Hey, find your blog via that pile of worm shit called Gar Haywood.

What a hose sucker that balding old fag hag he is.

So Carolyn, have you and Gar been playing "Hide the salami inside a dusty old librarian snatch?"

Shaun Webb said...


I hope you'll review my novel which is based on my own experiences as a registered sex offender.