April 5, 2008

Lee Child

I know he doesn't write cozies, but I"m sure you folks (especially the ladies) will forgive me if I mention Lee Child. His Jack Reacher books are some of my favorites and I don't usually like thrillers. (We used to fight over them in the library when the new book came in.)

Lee always seems like one of those old fashioned gentlemen, like Cary Grant. I've never met him, but if I did, I'd probably faint!

But that's not why I'm posting this. I wanted to let you know about an interview that Lee did with Elaine Flinn:


You might recognize Elaine's name because she writes the series about antiques dealer Mary Doyle. The series stopped for a while, but I think she's writing them again. Anyway, Elaine always does funny interviews and the new one with Lee is a hoot!

(P.S. I meant to say this before, but many thanks to my daughter Susan for helping me with this blog. She set it up so that even a computer novice like me can do it. Thanks, hon!)


Picks By Pat said...

I got to meet Lee Child at the "Love is Murder" conference in Chicago this past January and he was a very gracious guest!

Cozy Crime said...

Lucky you!