April 14, 2008

A new book award

A friend sent me a link to a website with a new book award, but I'm not sure how I feel about this one. It seems like a nice idea, a bunch of high profile people from publishing getting together to give awards for the best books. (The committee has best-selling writers, editors, agents and other people like that.)

They're called the Mystery and Thriller Book Awards or maybe The Only Real Book Awards. (I'm not sure which.)

The reason I'm not sure about it is because of the first award they're giving. They award is for Laura Lippman, which is nice. I like Laura's books, even though they're not cozies. (Yes, I do read books other than cozies!) But the part I don't like is that they say they're giving it to her because she's the only woman writer "with ba**s."

As you probably know by now, I don't really like language like that. I think it's demeaning when people have to resort to four letter words to express themselves. (Call me old fashioned, but that's how I believe.) I also think it's wrong to say that Laura Lippman is the only woman author who can write great books. That's nonsense!

There are so many wonderful women out there writing books today. People like Julia Spencer-Fleming, Janet Evanovich, Marcia Muller, Margaret Maron, Donna Andrews, Denise Swanson and Rhys Bown. And there are many others, too.

I don't think it's right to try to build up one writer by tearing down others, even if that writer is really good like Laura Lippman is. Anyway, let me know what YOU think by leaving a comment.


Clea Simon said...

Well, that is odd. I gather what they mean is that she's a gutsy writer, by which I think they mean she writes harder-boiled mysteries. Which is fine - and maybe they judge her to be the best. Which is also fine. She's definitely very good! But the "only"? Hmmm... what about Linda L. Richards or Megan Abbott? They also write harder-edged mysteries with great style and aplomb.

Ron said...

I would very much like to have sex with you, Carolyn.

Cozy Crime said...
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Cozy Crime said...

I appreciate good humor like everybody else, but please try to be respectful.